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At our core, Sift MD is an advanced data company. Our world-class data team has significant insurance claims analytics experience, as well as substantial experience in data management and delivery of real-time operational recommendations. Sift’s team is comprised of industry leading professionals, including the former Vice President of Insurance Claims Analytics at LexisNexis.

The Sift MD team has built enterprise data technology platforms and have pioneered data mining and predictive analytics technology.

Who We Are

Leaders In Data Analytics

Sift MD’s team has over 40 years of combined experience in predictive data analytics. Our team members have built enterprise data technology platforms and have pioneered data mining and predictive analytics technology.

Justin Nicols

Justin is the Founder and CEO of Sift Medical Data, and spends his days elbow deep in healthcare data and solutions. Justin is an experienced technology executive, with a corporate finance and investment banking background. Most recently Justin held a variety of roles within the founding executive team of Okanjo, an e-commerce technology company. Justin helped drive the company to product-market-fit, as well successfully raise its first institutional round of financing.

Bob Hoyler

Bob bridges data science, technology and business solutions. Bob is an experienced leader of young companies, including: leading MyPoints to a successful IPO, turning around Magnify, a leader in predictive analytics for the Property/Casualty Insurance industry before selling it to Choice Point (LexisNexis), positioning Centro Media for its first outside fundraising and launching Municipal Media Solutions, the online leading government advertising network.

Ken Cunningham

Ken is an experienced leader in insurance and healthcare analytics with 17 years experience working with insurers and payers to use data and analytics to improve financial outcomes. He was most recently a Vice President in the Analytics group at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Learn more about Ken's deep data experience.

Virgil Bistriceanu

Virgil is a seasoned CTO for both startup and public companies. Virgil has been providing technology leadership for companies for the past 20 years. This includes co-founder and CTO for MyPoints (successful IPO in 1999), a four-year stint with United Airlines as a Program Director, CTO for Centro Media and CTO for Municipal Media Solutions.

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