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Revolutionizing healthcare billing with data science and predictive analytics.

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Product Suite

What We Offer

Sift MD's predictive analytics platform turns the most challenging and important healthcare data into powerful operational tools.

Denials Management

Our claims denial toolkit helps accelerate collections and reduces human capital intervention throughout the denials appeals process.


Enhance propensity to pay models by hyper-segmenting patients and offering customized payment plans that maximum per-patient ROI.

Claims Analytics Dashboard

Elegantly extract and visualize meaningful information from your billing data to better understand what gets paid and how that ties to your business.


Why Sift MD?

Sift Medical Data provides medical revenue cycle management companies and medical provider self-bill organizations with reporting, analytics tools and daily operational business recommendations.
Reduced THE NEED FOR human capital INTERVENTION
OPTIMIZE INCREASE patient collection rates, TIMING and processes
BETTER UNDERSTAND PATIENTS AND Collect payments more efficiently
Our Tech

A Medical Data Platform Built To Scale

Sift MD uses the latest in big data technology to manage disparate data sources in order to capture all the benefits from both structured and unstructured data. This approach allows for the aggregation of data across practices to facilitate benchmarking and broader clinical and financial insights.


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Learn how Sift MD can improve your analytics, denials management on insurance claims and patient scoring.

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