Smarter Healthcare Analytics

The future of healthcare billing is data science and advanced analytics. It's never been more important to understand what claims get paid, which patients pay and how these factors affect your business.

Sift MD is a healthcare analytics platform that holistically leverages all of your data sources, both structured and unstructured to score payers, optimize workflows, reduce claims denials, increase patient collection rates and capture clinical insights.  Sift MD turns the most challenging and important healthcare data into powerful operational tools.

Make Your Data More Valuable

Sift MD captures and analyzes healthcare data that other systems ignore due to complexity, providing actionable analytics that decrease denials and increase patient payment rates. We employ the latest in big data technology to manage disparate data sources in order to capture key insights around claims and patients. Our approach allows for the aggregation of data across practices to facilitate benchmarking and broader clinical and financial insights.

Sift MD Diagram W:LI.png